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Athlete Advisor

Athlete Advisor and Information Seminars

We serve as Athlete Advisor to high school athletes and college athletes. As an Athlete Advisor we consult with and advise high school athletes and college athletes about entering the Draft, while preserving their NCAA college eligibility.  As an affiliate of ME Sports, we realize the opportunity to play professional sports is a once in a lifetime experience for prospects and their families. Therefore, we provide services to ensure our athletes and their families are adequately prepared for this life-changing event.  For more information, please visit

We understand the amount of pressure the industry places on athletes and their families, and seek to help them adjust.  Therefore, we provide seminars in order to assist athletes with making informed decisions, some of our seminars include:

A Guide to College Sports Eligibility

An information session for high school athletes aspiring to play college sports within the NCAA divisions.  This session will inform students and their parents about the do’s and don’ts of college recruiting, the eligibility requirements, and much more.

I Am Eligible, Now What? Maintaining College Eligibility vs Going Pro

An information session for college athletes currently playing college sports within the NCAA Division, but considering pursuing a career in professional sports.  This session will inform students and their parents on how to weigh the two options.  It will also outline ways to avoid potential pitfalls that could result in losing NCAA eligibility and much more.

Additionally, we provide services such as contract negotiations for professional athletes and coaches. 

Our representation includes the following:

  • Negotiating Contracts with professional teams.

  • Negotiating sponsorship and endorsement contracts

  • Assisting clients with understanding, interpreting, and complying with rules of governing and sanctioning bodies.

  • Representation of all athlete grievances, hearings, and appeals.

Athlete Advisor